Okay, I really just had to share this one. Nathan and I were hysterically laughing at this for literally five minutes. I thought I was going to die.

Fail at Walmart

So here's our question -- how long were they 'investigating' this until they figured out it was only a burrito? Did they take the package to their squad car and try to resuscitate it, just to find out that it was filled with beans and cheese?

Wow. And then they reported it and put it in the newspaper. Double Wow. :)

Have you seen anything funnier than this? If so, I want to know! Leave me a comment with a link and I'll be your best friend! :) Well, not really. That spot is reserved. But I'll promise to like you forever. Promise. :)


Yes, Minister... said...

That is like something you would see on Leno - LOL!
Too funny!
Ladybug hugs,

Keen Ween said...

So I totally just laughed out loud at work. That was a gooden.