I have some more fun photos to share!
I just love taking photos of kids and babies, they're so much fun! (Not to mention easy when they look like this!) And these were just quick, spur of the moment shots. Imagine what we could have gotten with some setup and planning! ;)

PS: Want your own? Then check out this post!

This is little baby {F}. He has the ability to make the best faces ever!
I swear, he's got more personality in his expressions than most people ten times his age.

See what I mean?

Cute little {F} BW

Baby {F} 1

Baby {F} 2

Baby {F} 4

Baby {F} 5

Baby {F} 3

Thanks {M} for getting a willing smile out of him! :) He's so adorable.


JAG said...

He is adorable! How fun!!

Shalae said...

These are so great Laurel! Maybe we need to hire you to take our family pictures while you're here in Utah. I'm sure your not too busy with anything special! :)

Laurel said...

Oh Shalae, I would love to! If we can find time to steal away any of the days, I totally would. I have to drive back to Cali on Sunday, though, so no extra wiggle room there, unless it's in the morning. But I would be up for it if you want! Your kids are adorable. :)