Friday night was our ward's Trunk or Treat and we had a blast! Eli was our little cowboy (gotta represent!) and he had a great time going around saying, "Yee-HAW!" It was adorable. They had some games that he played, his favorite being the bob for apples. You should have seen how excited he was to get an apple! Silly boy. :)

Then we went around and had him practice his "Trick or Treat" beg for candy. He's getting pretty good at it! I'm excited that he's old enough to really know what is going on and that he likes dressing up for it. There were a ton of kids at the party and we ran out of candy almost 2/3's of the way through! It certainly was a great night of family fun.

And our chili, sadly, did not win the grand prize. But at least I know it was amazing! :) And congratulations, Porters, for your chili domination.

Here's Eli all dressed up and ready to go!

Cowboy Eli2

(don't know what he's doing with that smile, lol)

Cowboy Eli

(so excited to go get some candy!)

Cowboy Eli3 BW

(what a cutie patootie!)


Jessica said...

Eli did look really cute as a cowboy, I was amazed at all the great costumes.

JAG said...

How fun! What happened to the gingerbread man??

Sorry your chili didn't win. I would've voted for it. And I don't even like chili! :)

Life in Boston... said...

He is very cute dressed up as a cowboy. I am glad you guys had fun.

Laurel said...

Yeah, the gingerbread man didn't pan out -- I didn't have time to order it before the trunk or treat. So I just stole the photo. LOL. Next year, though, it's ours!! :)

Launa said...

Oh my goodness how cute is he? I am partial to cowboys though! Love it! :D

Elise said...

so cute!! love the outfit!

Caroline said...

Soo cute!! He is going to break some hearts with this smile LOL