Okay, seriously??

If you don't think that these are the cutest little twin boys that you've ever seen, then I am jealous of you because you must have some illegal stash of cuteness somewhere at your house! :)
I swear, they just melt anyone who sees them!
Thanks, J, for letting me capture your kids. You're one lucky (and popular) mama!!


I can finally tell them apart! :) I'm so proud of myself.

Cute little {J}

Little {J} -- he has the best growly smile ever!

Cute Little {D} BW

Little {J} -- he is so sweet and inquisitive! :)

More of my great friends' kids to come soon!


Jessica said...

That's so nice of you to say about them. Just when you can tell them apart you have to move.

I really would love to schedule a day when you can take pictures of them at the beach. We will have to plan a day.

Caroline said...

They are soo cute, you are right!! Can't wait to see more of your pictures Laurel!!