I have beautiful friends!

Last week, while I was attending the Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking Convention (which was a blast, by the way), I had the opportunity to meet and photograph two of our Layout Artists. Now, these women are just so sweet and genuine and I was SO glad that I got to meet them in person and really get to know their personalities and hear the way they talk. Now I'm glad to be able to put a face to an email when I get them! :)

So anyways, they asked me to take some shots for them, and so we did a quick mini-session for each, which was a lot of fun! You can just see that they both exude happiness. It certainly is contagious! :) Enjoy!

And thanks, Christy and Caroline, for giving me some great practice and a great time! :)







Thanks again! :)


Shalae said...

These look great Laurel! They are going to love them!

Caroline said...

WOW Laurel!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! They look great, no that I want to say that I look great LOL but I love the lightning, the colors, everything. Love all of them and look at Christy's eyes! Love ya girl! You rock!!

Christy said...

Wowsers! These look amazing Laurel! I think I will be updating my avatar and bio! :) and maybe my DH needs a photo for his office! (good reminder of why he needs to come home! LOL!) You are a doll! thanks for doing this!

Laurel said...

And I'll have those previews up for you guys soon so you can pick your favorites! :) Thanks for being great models!

Amy Lemaniak said...

Oh wow Laurel, you did an amazing job! They both look as stunning in these pictures as they are in person.

Kim said...

The photos are amazing, Laurel! You have truly captured the spirit and beauty of Christy and Caroline! BRAVO! You are one talented photographer!