Couple of layouts

I've had a little more time to do some fun layouts lately. I almost forgot how much I love doing this! I'm so grateful to have this creative outlet, it makes me feel happy. Enjoy! :)

(So I guess the template I'm working with is not letting my square layouts show very well. While I wait for Nathan to get home from work so I can figure out how to fix that, just click on the file and you can see the full version on my Flickr page. Sorry 'bout that!)

eli and dad christmas

This is Eli and his dad watching the ducks in the lake up at Big Bear. We went up there to take family photos and I snapped this one of them together. I just love my two guys! :)

trimming the tree

Here's Eli 'helping' to decorate the Christmas tree. We both had a fun time and then he started figuring out that he liked taking the ornaments off the tree as much as he liked putting them on! Go figure.


Launa said...

Beautiful as always Laurel! I love the one with Nathan and Eli....too cute!

Mandy said...