This weekend

We've been cycling between extreme sickness and extremely good times, so this post may be all over the place, lol. First, Eli has been throwing up off and on since Friday night. We thought it was just a 24-hour bug or something, since he lost his dinner Friday night, went straight to bed at about 6:30pm, then got up around 10:30, drank some juice and threw up again (of course, both times were all over my bed. Sometimes being the mom isn't that much fun).

So Saturday we didn't really give him much to eat or drink, but he still managed to throw up that afternoon, what little had eaten. Go figure. That night he was still sick, going to bed a little later than normal and getting up Sunday morning at about 5am, throwing up more. Geez, this was getting old.

So then we stayed home from church Sunday and decided to drive up to Big Bear to take some family pictures (I know, not the first thing on the list to do when you've got a sick kid, but he was looking lots better and I knew we needed to get these pictures done that day while Nathan was home). Nathan's been gone a lot lately with different engagements (work assignments). So anyways, we packed up the car and headed out to Big Bear for some good, fresh air, and some (hopefully) good pictures.

Luckily Eli didn't get sick the whole time, even with a few windy roads, and he was such a good boy for the pictures. We ended up getting some for our Christmas card (which I can now finally get sent out!!) and some other cute ones to put up around the house and to use for Christmas presents.

So anyways, we ended up with a half great weekend, and a half crappy weekend. But at least it was half great! :)

Here are some of the pictures we took. I was really glad to get a good family one, as we haven't had a family picture taken since Eli was about 2 weeks old. And how did we get it? Oh yeah, the good ol' fashioned "set up the tripod, click the timer release, run into the picture and hope everyone is looking and smiling by the time the camera clicks" routine. It was pretty comical, but it ended up working! Thank goodness.


[Warning: I am VERY pregnant. Brace yourself.]

Family photo1

Family photo3

Family photo2

Eli and Dada

Eli and Mama

My little model

Have a great day! :)


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

An being very pregnant suits you perfectly - you look GREAT! I love that last one on your Little Man - OMG - does he knock your sock off with that smile!
Ladybug hugs,

Amy Lemaniak said...

You look awesome Laurel!! I can't believe how quickly your due date is approaching.

I'm sorry Eli is still sick, I hope he's feeling better soon. You guys sure got some awesome pics though. He's as adorable as ever!

Emmers said...

WOW! Your pictures are so cute!!! You look so cute all pregnant and stuff. I love that black and white of you and Eli. You have a cute family!

Launa said...

You look great Laurel! And what awesome photos! You did great with that ole tripod! I hope this weekend is ALL awesome!

Launa :D

shayne said...

They look so cute!!! I love them!!! Speaking of, for our anniversary I wanted to get some family pictures done, would take some for us?!! We will be down the day after Christmas for awhile, and we want to come see your new house!!!

shayne said...

Yeah, we should be here, probably until the 4th or 5th!!! I would love to come!

Kylie said...

Yes, you are definitely pregnant!!! I am impressed that you did those yourself! I especially like the B&W one with Eli, its adorable.

JAG said...

I love the ones of you and Nathan individually with Eli. He is getting so big! (And so is baby butternut...yay for another nephew!)
I hope we get to see you guys soon!!

Caroline said...

Aw Laurel, they are all super-duper cute! Beautiful pictures! And you look good .... soo happy!! Big hugs my friend!

Jed said...

Sweet pics dude!

Life in Boston said...

You guys look great. Eli is adorable as is his dad. See you guys soon!

Mandy said...

I adore these pictures. Makes me miss you guys so much. And you are just glowing with pregnant beauty! Love it! Hope Eli is feeling better!

Jessica said...

Great tripod picture, quite amazing. It was such a wonderful surprise to see you today. You are missed.

Shelley said...

I love your family pics! You did excellent for doing it with the timer!