The sneaky little booger. :)

My mom sent us a box of presents for Christmas, and we put them all under the tree. Well, little man decided that he wanted to open his, so he found the one with his name on it, and proceeded to open it without me realizing. He brought me his new gift, all excited, and I just couldn't resist getting it out so he could play with it. He hasn't put the thing down in 2 days! Go figure.

Here he is enjoying his new Diego Rescue Helicopter. Complete with animals to rescue and helicopter pilot Diego. Thanks, Nana! We love it and we love you! :)

Playing with Diego helicopter1

Playing with Diego helicopter3

Playing with Diego helicopter4

Playing with Diego helicopter5Playing with Diego helicopter2


Launa said...

Don't ya just love it when their to cute to get mad at? :D

Mandy said...

Oh, I might have had trouble keeping my cool. But he is so cute, and it did have his name on it. :) Hope you guys have a great Christmas in your new home!

shayne said...

This is the reason all of the presents are still up in my closet...unwrapped....hahaha

Shalae said...

I can totally relate. The day after Isaac's birthday he unwrapped a couple of family gifts as well. Can you blame him. The day before he was allowed to open presents why not then?!