Just thought I'd post some random, unrelated photos from the past little while. I haven't had as much time to blog as I'd like, so this is a little catchup.

Shaggy haired grown up kiddo

my little shaggy-haired grown up child. when did that happen?

Silly kiddo

being silly by falling off the chair and saying "oof!"

Lights at the Mission Inn

the lights at mission inn, down in riverside. we went there for a little family night and they had all sorts of fun light displays and little vendors and stuff. even santa was there, but that turned out to be not so great for us. lol.

Christmas pose

awww, my sweet boys. gotta love them.
(and gotta love my camera that was able to take this picture with an iso of 1600!! woot!)

Hotel time

eli hanging out in the hotel eating a fruit roll up. we went to stay with nathan a couple of weeks ago when he was on a job in woodland hills. it was fun to have cable for a couple of days, but we got bored easily. :)

Things are going well with the house, we're settling in and feeling like we're actually coming 'home' when we drive into the driveway ( at least, I do ). It's fun and daunting having a whole house to ourselves. We don't even go into 2 rooms upstairs! :) But I am certain that we'll grow into them faster than it seems. And besides, that just means that we have extra room for you all when you come and visit us, right?? :)

Also, I've been thinking about my friend from Scrap Girls, Shari. She and her family are going through a heart-breaking situation right now with their unborn daughter, Kelsey. I don't feel like it's my story to share, so I won't go into details, but I would ask that you keep Shari, little Kelsey, and her family in your prayers.

Thanks! Have a great Thursday!!


Launa said...

Adorable photos Laurel. And believe me you'll grow into your house faster than you know! I'm thinking about Shari too, she hasn't been far from my mind in days.


shayne said...

AWWWW he's so cute...i can't wait to come hang out with you guys....we are going over to the lakey's on the 29th...you guys have to come too!