Doctors and multi-tasking and PB&J, oh my!

W at the doctor this morning, waiting to be seen.

I realize I haven't posted too many of our family photos as of late (besides the last post, of course). Well, that's because of two things: 1) I'm a busy mama with lots of chores, errands, work, and other 'stuff' going on, and 2) I'm a lazy mama that would rather sit and watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix than upload pictures to my blog.
"What?" you say -- "You could do both!" Well, yes, I've tried that before. But then I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy either. I have a hard time with multi-tasking, you see. It's because I can't give my full attention to one or the other, my mind just keeps jumping back and forth and I lose my train of thought. I hate that.

So I'm following
Ro on her challenge and I'm going to try and do ONE thing at a time. I'm not sure what the result is going to be, but I'm going to try. First step? Turning off my Google email notifier that pops up a window every time an email comes in. It's way too distracting.

Second step? Start on one task and finish it. So that means that I'm going to work on this post, edit some photos to put in here, finish it and hit Publish Post. No more of this Save Now junk. Because, really, I hate having posts that are old that when I go to publish them everything in them is not relevant anymore. Boring.
So here goes. If you are reading this post, then I was successful. If not, then you will never know anyway. :)

This is W before his shots.

This is the poor little monkey after his shots.

I really hate watching him be in pain. But it's definitely one of those things that you have to do to keep him safe. So we do it. And luckily, he was a good sport after some warm cuddles. E was a good helper, distracting W with a some silly words which helped him smile and feel better. Love that. He really is a great big brother.

Enjoying some great 'brother' time. :)

Speaking of E, he is completely in his "I can do everything by myself" phase of life. This, of course, means that his favorite thing to do is to pull chairs over to the pantry, climb up to get out the bread and peanut butter, then pull the chair over to the fridge to get out the jelly. Then he makes his own PB&J sandwich. And yes, I have to actually help him in the end, but he's pretty good at it so far.

Oh, and did I mention that I get to stare at THIS adorable face all day long? Geez, I'm a lucky woman. :)

Okay, seeing as how this took me far longer than I would have hoped (I have to be honest, I had to stop and put the kids down for a nap, talk to my sister, and check Facebook while writing this....so much for single-tasking!) I am now going to enjoy the rest of my kid-napping time by watching some Harry Potter. :) See you soon!

PS: I'm really excited to go and see the NEW Harry Potter movie, hopefully today. If not, definitely this weekend or I will be whiny. And the hubby hates that. So he'll take me. :)


JAG said...

That's awesome that Eli makes his own sandwiches! Now if I could get Jed to do the same thing... ;)

Now I want to watch Harry Potter. One that I own. Because I'm in my PJs... :)

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

I love these pictures of your kids! Eli is very impressive with his PBJ skills! When are we going to see you again?

Erin said...

What adorable boys you have! I love West's sweet face! Good luck on getting to see the new HP!