Gotta keep it even...

Okay, since I posted some solo shots of W yesterday, I thought in all fairness I should add some of E, especially since he is our first-born child and a very important member of this family.

So here you go, these are from today and/or yesterday. I can't remember which, haha. We've been shooting like crazy lately, in case you can't tell. :)

Eli the cutie pie

Here's the little silly. He doesn't like to pose for me at all, so when I can get normal smiles (or as normal as can be, lol) from him, it's a good day!

Eli 'dancing'! :)

See what I mean? This is more our 'normal'. That's E dancing. Love it.

Jumping in order to make West laugh.

And, of course, E using all that energy to jump around. Usually he does this to make W laugh. It's so fun to watch that interaction between the two of them!


llaxton said...

I pray they always stay close and miss the I'm gonna kill you stage my boys seem to be in lately..well for the last few years anyways. It drives me crazy..This too will pass..this too will pass...this too will pass.

It will pass right?

(they are 2 cuties!)

Erin said...

Love the photos, Laurel! You have some cute subjects there!