Please Help! :)

Hey my friends, I need your help!

I entered a photo contest over at www.emilymurdockphotography.wordpress.com and I am one of the finalists! Would you please take just a second to head on over there and vote for me? Purdy please??

Here is the link: FINALIST!

You can only vote once, so don't forget to vote for "Cool Bug"!

Thanks, I will love you forever!



shayne said...


Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

did it! :)

Summer Sarah Wang said...

Done! :) We should have another visit soon! What do you say?

Shari said...

Okay ... you have no choice now ... you HAVE to love me forever! It's in writing!

Btw - I voted. ;-)

Laurel said...

I'll take it, Shari! Thank you!! :)

And thank you to everyone who has voted so far. I'm still behind -- tell all your friends! :) LOL.