Challenge #12 - A TV show I'm currently addicted to

Our family went on an adventure about 5 months ago -- we canceled our dish TV service and switched fully to Netflix on our Wii. We did this for a couple of reasons.

1 - We were paying too much money for television. I mean really, upwards of $60 a month so that my kid can watch the same shows over and over again? Not worth it.
2 - My kids were turning on the TV first thing in the morning and it wasn't turning off all day long. Not that they were necessarily watching it all day long, but it was just always on, in the background. And that made for a lot of extra 'noise' that we just don't need.
3 - Marketing to kids is out of control. Every commercial is just packed with sensory overload and E started asking for every. single. thing. that he saw on TV. I don't blame him, it's tough to resist! I knew we needed to step back from that for a while and just focus on being happy with what we have.
4 - I found myself watching TV just because I was bored and didn't really care what I watched, just as long as it was on. I wasn't getting anything done. And truth be told, marketing for adults is just as crazy! It is a lot easier to resist buying things when you're not being 'sold' every 10 minutes.

So the moral of the story is, we don't have TV right now (at least not live) and we're totally okay with it.

Which brings me to this question -- it's kind of tough to answer. But never fear, I still get lots of good shows on Netflix, it's just that now I am purposefully choosing to watch them, not just ingesting whatever is available. So, I'm still addicted to Lost. I've started watching the series from the beginning and it's so fun to review the things that I had forgotten about and to see the characters' evolve from beginning to end.

I mean, come on, can you blame me? :)

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Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

Wow! I just read that you've been sick. Are you feeling any better?