Challenge #13 - Something I don't leave the house without

Yep, I know it's been a little while. I can't believe how fast this week went by! Luckily, we're finally on the mend around here and are finishing up our antibiotics routines. W had a check-up at the doctor on Thursday, since he recently turned 2. Of course, he had to have shots and wasn't happy about it. Poor little guy -- that's the worst thing to have to sit through as a mom.

The little ones don't understand why they're being hurt and mom's not doing anything about it. In fact, she's helping to hold him down! I hate that. But at least I know he's being protected from scary illnesses, and that's worth it to me. We've just been snuggling a lot to make up for it. 

So now, on to the blog challenge! We're almost half-way there.

These are my keys. I don't ever leave the house without them (unless, of course, we're taking the hubby's car somewhere and I don't need to drive, but that's not often).

I love love love my Lego Hagrid. I bought him at Legoland a few years ago and it feels right at home on my key chain. He keeps watch over the other things on there and also used to serve as a chew toy for W, even though it's gross and I stopped him whenever I caught him doing it.

I the dangle instrument one at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. That was a fun trip -- it was my first time there and the hubby and I got to tour it all by ourselves! No kids! So yeah, it needed to be commemorated.

That's pretty much it for my key chain fun. I had to take a few things off because it was getting too heavy. It's probably still too heavy with both car clickers on there. Ah well.

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