Challenge #21 - Five of my biggest pet peeves

1. People who judge others while clearly not qualified to do so. And that includes everyone except Jesus Christ and God the Father. Seriously.

2. Finding the toilet paper roll empty.

3. People who constantly put themselves down in an attempt to get you to disagree with them and tell them how wonderful they are. Wouldn't a compliment in that scenario be insincere and not count anyway?

4. When I'm a wimp and don't say what I'm feeling inside during a situation or interaction with other people. Because inevitably I'll regret it later and wish that I had said something when I had the chance.

5. When there aren't enough cash registers open during a really busy time of day at the store. Like, really, can you not at least pull someone off of bathroom duty to get the 30 of us checked out who are waiting in two lanes? Come on.

I'd better stop there because I could start going on and on and run the risk of illustrating for you my pet peeve number one!

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