Challenge #25–A photo that makes me happy

Okay, I know it seems like I’ve forgotten about this blog challenge thing. I haven’t really, it’s just been a bit busy around here and April for some reason was not the best month for me mentally and I’m just now starting to feel better about life in general. Don’t get me wrong – so many amazing things happened in April – it’s just that I think I am still suffering from some minor depression and those amazing things ended up being distractions that only kept my attention for so long before I was back into depression mode. Which is never a good place to be.

So lately I’ve been trying to get out of there, doing more around the house so that I don’t feel like such a loser and starting to try and get back on top of work and church responsibilities again. It’s hard because sometimes I feel as though I don’t have control over when I feel horrible and when I feel great. It’s like these waves that crash over me and sometimes they’re awesome ones and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm for life, and then other times they’re crushing me into the abyss and I feel terrible about myself, about the way I’m doing things, and it’s dark and scary and feels like I’ll never be happy again.

And while I know it feels that way, I also know in my brain that there are things I can do to help redirect the waves. So I’m trying to do more of those things, like keeping the dishes up to speed and doing laundry and finishing cute projects that I love and just getting things done. Slowly but surely, I know things will be better. I’m holding on until they are.

Whew. That’s a lot to unload to a casual blog audience. We’ll see if I even keep that in the final draft of the post. Bear with me, k?

So anyways, I’ve got a little bit of time here to catch up on the blog challenge. So here’s to #25 – A photo of something that makes me happy!


This is a photo from the Watkins Family Hour concert -- my dream came true and Chris Thile joined Sara and Sean Watkins onstage and I got to see Nickel Creek perform LIVE in concert! That was something on my life’s bucket list and I’m SO SO SO happy I got to see them. Seriously, it was the best night ever. They’re such GOOD musicians. Gah, I just love good, live music.


Caroline said...

I so can relate how you are feeling Laurel. Take care of yourself, I have no super advice for you ... I'll be thinking of you and trusting that all will be good again and you can be happy all over. xoxo

Rebecca Busath said...

I guess I need to read your blog when you write in it, not a few days after. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. Maybe you need to come out to see me. :) Maybe you can look forward to the wedding? That will be really great, you'll be surrounded by love. <3 Hang in there, and just know that you're doing good things everyday, things that matter most. Love you!