Pumpkin patch!

The day before E’s kindergarten field trip, I took the boys to a local farm to pick out our own pumpkins. I knew that W was excited about “going to the pumpkin patch” since he had heard his older brother talking about it, and I figured if I took them both, then he’d feel like he got to go and not realize he was missing out on a trip the next day.

But anyways, the reasons behind going are unimportant. It was the going that was fun! And since we went on a random Thursday afternoon, we were basically the only ones there. It was fun to have a no-hassle pumpkin pickup and also get to take some fun photos of the boys together.







W wasn’t sure about this creepy guy and wanted to investigate (missing arm and all!!). Luckily, he checked out just fine.


How cute are those kiddos?! I just love them to pieces. Thanks for a fun trip, boys!

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