Count to ten, count to ten

I need a break today. Didn't get much sleep last night and I have a particularly busy 3 year old. And it's raining nonstop so we can't go outside. Heaven help us. :)

So instead of getting upset, I'm going to do a stupid questionnaire that my sister did on her blog. That will relieve stress, right? Right??

Where is your cell phone? Counter
Your significant other? Nathan
Your hair? Messy
Your mother? Crazyfun
Your father? Dad
Your favorite thing? Resting
Your dream last night? None
Your favorite drink? DietCoke :)
Your dream/goal? Travel
What room are you in? Kitchen
Your hobby? Digiscrapping
Your fear? Alone
Where do you want to be in 6 year? Happy
Where were you last night? Home
Something that you aren't? Skinny :)
Muffins? Blueberry
Wish list item? Laptop
Last thing you did? Cook
What are you wearing? Pajamas
TV? Love
Your pets? None
Friends? Loyal
Your life? Frazzled
Your mood? Tired
Drinking? Water
Smoking? Yucko
Your car? XTerra
Something you're not wearing? Socks
Your favorite store? Target
Your favorite color? Blue
When is the last time you cried? Today
Where do you go over and over? Downstairs
Five people who email me regularly? Ali, Facebook, Layout Team
My favorite place to eat? Riptide
Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? Italy

Well, that worked okay. Didn't yell at my kid, so that's a start. :) Wish me luck for the rest of the day!


JAG said...

Good luck for the rest of the day! ;)

Send Eli up here. We'll play with him.

Laurel said...

Don't tempt me -- I have a big box and I may just do it! :)

Launa said...

Hang in there Laurel....the weather is nasty here today, and there is only so much for the girls to do inside with out making me crazy! At least we have church tonight so we can get out of the house!

Try to grab some rest when you can!


The O-hi-O Busaths said...

I wish I lived around the corner! This is just NOT right, me living so far away from my kids and my grandboys! Life is not fun without you all. :(

You're only human, take some deep breaths and count to 10, just like your subject today, it does help, and this too, shall pass, it shall pass faster than you can imagine. (sob sob) Someday you'll be wondering how it could have come and gone so fast. Trust me.

Love you!

Caroline said...

Tomorrow will be another day Laurel, but I can soo relate ... my Mami always says 'Breath in and breath out` deeply ... 5 times! It helps! Many hugs my friend!