I'm a Published Author!

Well, sort of. :) I wrote and taught a class for the 2008 Scrap Girls Digital Scrap Link Convention and it is now available for purchase in the Boutique over at Scrap Girls! I'm so excited to have a product available to buy, this is my first one. It's a great opportunity for anyone who wanted to go to the convention but didn't get a chance, as we are now selling all of the classes that were offered at the convention.

SO, if you're so inclined, you can go check out
my eBook and pick it up! It's a great deal, only $8! And if you have any questions about the book or any of the concepts, you can just email me or comment here. It's great knowing the instructor, right? :)

And if you're interested in finding out more information about this year's convention, you can look here. It's going to be really awesome, we've learned some things from our inaugural run last year, and have made some great improvements. I'm going to be teaching another class this year, all about photo retouching, which is going to be so fun and really worth the admission! So check it out! I'd love to see any of my friends there in Utah!


JAG said...

Way to go, Laurel!!

You can stay at our house when you're in town. I promise I'll be here this time... :)

Janae said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome.

Launa said...

How cool are all these new e-books? I love it! I'm feeling a product request coming on...lol!! Congratulations Laurel!! :D

Emmers said...

WOWZERS! You are a superstar! Congrats on the publication! Big things are in store for you my friend. I miss you lots. Come back.

Emily Murdock said...

That is so exciting! You rock, sis!

Tracy said...

Congratulations! You are so talented!