Happy Birthday to you....


...my dear sister Angie Bean.

And even though Ali beat me to the punch, I'm still going to write a little about why I love Angela so much. :)

First of all, it's hard to imagine Angela without a smile on her face. She's always making me laugh, giggling, telling funny jokes, and making funny faces. Case in point -- that top picture is her version of a silly inside family joke and I love it (even though Tom is the master at it)!


Second, Angela is so sweet and has such a tender heart. I know how much she cares about others, and it completely shows in her words and her actions. She has a soft spot for those who are left out or feeling bad, and goes out of her way to be friends with them. I just love that about her.


And Angie is still the queen of the scene! She is fun to hang out with, fun to be around, and she has a ton of friends to prove it. I'm so glad to be her sister and even though we're far away, I know that we're connected.

Love you Beanie! Happy Birthday! :)

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