Happy Birthday Mama Llama!

Oh Martha...Oh Christmas!!

(Quick, what movie is that from? I'll mail a special treat to the first person to guess correctly!)

Anyways, that quote always makes me think of my mom for some reason. Probably because it's just another one of those HILARIOUS inside family jokes that no one else really gets besides us. And you know what? I totally love it that way.


And let's face it, most of those types of family bonding moments are instigated by the matriarch of the family, which in this case, is my wonderful, awesome, amazing, talented and now THIN mother, Becky. Because today she turns 29 {ahem} and we all want to help her celebrate!

(And no, I don't know what face I'm trying to make there. Obviously it's a photo FAIL.)

My mom is great. She loves with all of her heart, she gives so much to others, she enjoys the little things in life and has been a great example of creativity, tenacity, and strength to me in my life.


Growing up, my mom was always my 'home base' if you will. She was always my safe place. I knew that any problems I had could be solved by a hug from my mom. And even though there are now thousands of miles between us, I am still comforted by the fact that she is just a phone call away, able to help me solve my problems.


I love my mom so much and am so deeply thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me her as my mother. I know I am lucky to have such a close relationship with her and I so cherish it.


I hope you have a wonderful super happy fun birthday Mom! Love you mucho!!

PS: Your present is on its way. And I know, most of these pics are not recent and therefore don't reflect your weight loss. We'll have to amend that situation in Dallas! :)


Rebecca Busath said...

Aw, that is a great tribute, Laurel, thank you so much, I love you more than you can imagine. And I'm so proud of the woman and mother and wife you have become, you are amazing, I am blessed to be your mom and your friend! <3

Beanie said...

Does it count if I guess the movie?? :) jk This is cute! Happy birthday Mom!

Angela Payne said...

What a great post about your mom. I think it is one of the greatest relationships on earth and I am so thankful for mine. What a blessing to have such a wonderful relationship between mom and daughter!

Laurel said...

Of course you can guess, Beanie! If you do, you'll get a surprise in the mail!

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

I love your mom! She is such a fun lady- just like you!