I Love to See the Temple!

On Monday, my last day in Salt Lake City, my Grams and I got to spend most of the day together, just hanging out, eating lunch, walking around and talking. And trust me, when I'm with my Grams, talking becomes a main event! She has a black belt in conversation.

So we went downtown to see Temple Square, to visit the new Deseret Book, to eat lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then look around the Family History Library. It was all so much fun! I hadn't been to downtown Salt Lake since my sister got married in '08, so it was fun to see it again. And oh my goodness, the blooming flowers going on were just breathtaking! I loved the gorgeous colors of the tulips that were absolutely everywhere!




And apparently I brought the nice weather and then took it home with me again because it was perfect while I was there and now it's a little less than perfect. Too much rain/snow/sleet for it to be called perfection. But never fear, Utahns, I'm sure it will be back to beautiful soon! :)

Also, I will have pictures to share from the wedding I did while I was out there (what, you didn't know this was all a business trip? ::wink::) that was so much fun. I had a lot of great things happen to me during this trip and I can't wait to share them!

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Caroline said...

ahhhh those beautiful pictures bring back memories. Loved going to Temple Square in October. Can0t wait to read all your Utah adventures :)Take care!