First Test...

Ohmygosh, today was a day to test my new-found 2010 word. Seriously? This early in the game??

Today West has been on one. I don't know if he's teething again or if this rash that just won't go away is really bothering him, or what, but he straight up
refused to take a nap this afternoon. And it's not for lack of trying on my part, trust me. I was in there with a bottle, alternately rocking him, letting him 'cry it out' {which, as a side note, worked really well with Eli but does not work in the slightest with West} and swinging him around in back-breaking positions hoping that it would do some good.

No luck.

So I took him downstairs, realized he needed a change {literally the 5th poopy diaper of the day. What gives??}, got him all ready to go and let him run around a little bit to try and wear him out. When he had yawned a sufficient number of times, I took him back upstairs to put him back down.

No luck.

After about 8 minutes of quiet, he started crying, again, so I went in and rocked with him in the rocking chair, singing
Love Me Do.


He fell asleep in my arms and miraculously stayed asleep when I lovingly set him down in his crib. Knowing that I was in the clear, I tip-toed out of the room and accidentally clicked the knob on the door too loud.

Game over.

He woke right up, started screaming bloody murder, and I seriously just about lost my mind.

But, I became my
disciplined self and did not scream "GO TO BED!!" at my poor child. Instead, I got him out and took him to Eli's room to play. So now he's sleep-deprived, cranky, and wants to play.

Wish me luck.

On another
discipline note, I did get all of the Christmas decorations down and packed away today. every. single. piece.

Not to mention the dishes. So yeah, I'm working on my goals for the day. :)


Allison said...

Good for you! I would have totally yelled go to bed! In face, Isabel and I had a standoff on that very subject yesterday, and I lost my patience. So big props for keeping yours! Hopefully that meant an early bedtime?

Caroline said...

yeah for your 2010 word Laurel! oh my .... those bed time moments at that age ... I remember very well!

shayne said...

Yeah, pretty much Matt is going to be gone for 6 months next year....and I'm pretty much going to die. I would totally be yelling at everyone and everything in sight....I'm glad you have some self control!!! ahahah