I have just started with a new class over at Scrap Girls. I am taking this one, not teaching it, which I am really excited about. It's a class called Who I Am and through taking it, I'm going to get to complete 20 layouts this month, all about me! And by the end I'll have a book all about me!

The reason I really wanted to take this class is because I don't do a lot of scrapping about myself. I mean, the ratio of cute kiddo pages to all about me pages in my arsenal is about 500 to 2.


And as I got to thinking more and more about that, I realized that I want my kids to be able to know a little more about who I am (was) when they get older and start to care about those things. Although, right now I only have boys and I'm not anticipating them wanting to know so much what my favorite color is (was) in ten years, but perhaps someday I'll have a daughter and she'll want to know more about me when I was young. Or maybe even a grand-daughter, who knows?

I seriously had to hunt to find this layout with a photo of me in it, and it's not about me as a person, it's about me being a mom! And it's really, really old! And while there's nothing wrong with being a mom, I want my kids to know that I am someone besides 'mom', that I have thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams. Hard to believe, I know.

But wouldn't that be a treasured book to have, something all about your mom or grandma that talks about their interests, what they dealt with on a daily basis, what they love and fear? I would kill for something like that about my mom or grandmothers. And while yes, they're all still alive and I can ask them about it, it would just be special to have a time-capsule of some sort with that kind of information.

So that's why I'm doing this month-long class and forcing myself to take self-portraits and scrap about me. The first topic has already gotten me thinking and I'm going to share some of the layouts that I create here with you, and hopefully some of us women that are always behind the camera will be inspired to get out in front and create mementos of ourselves. Because we do exist, and our kids should know that with photographic evidence!

And in case you want to take the class when it is offered again (because I highly doubt I'll have anything but rave reviews about it when it's over), then keep an eye out in the
Online Classes section of the Scrap Girls Boutique for it. It won't be listed there until it's offered again, so check back often.

And I can't tell you enough good things about the instructor,
Anna. She's really such a sweet gal and I know if we lived close by each other, we'd be buddies. :)

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