One Sweet Deal!

Hey friends!

I just wanted to let you know that BorrowLenses.com is having a sale this January for 10% off your order! It runs through January 31st (E's birthday!) and it's really easy to get your discount.

Click on the link below in this post, or on my sidebar or bottom bar, then type in coupon code "2010" before checkout, and you'll receive your discount!

Camera Gear Rental

Disclaimer: I do receive a small affiliate payment for each order that goes through from my blog and website. Trust me, it's nothing that will let me retire early, but it is there. Just want to keep ya in the know! :)

But seriously, I would tell you about this company even if that weren't the case. I only do this because I actually use them and love them. I've had great experiences with their equipment, and the shipping process is easy peasy! So if you want to try out a high-end camera for a week or you need to rent a lens for that upcoming event, I would totally recommend them.

Transmission End.

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