Little by little

You know, I thought that when I chose my word for 2010 {discipline} that I was really setting myself up for some hard work. And I was right -- it is hard work to be disciplined! But what I wasn't expecting was for it to feel so wonderful!

Let me explain -- I have a personality that is more likely to leave a dish in the sink than to put it in the dishwasher right away. Some may call it lackadaisical -- I call it lazy. And I'm not excited to admit it, but I won't try to hide it either.

So when I thought about becoming more disciplined this year, I thought for sure that it would take me weeks and weeks to feel like it wasn't "work" anymore and that I would just be hating life until that point.

Truth is, it's SO much better than I thought! As I've been keeping up with the various "chores" around the house, little by little every day, I've noticed that it's not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Now, granted, that is only while I'm keeping on top of things, which I was able to do all during the week. But the weekend came a kicked my butt a little -- I was more lazy because the hubby was home and I'd rather spend time with him than do anything else (cleaning included). So now I have to make up for that lost time today and tomorrow. So I'm definitely not perfect, but I am seeing how much better life is when I do these things.

And I know, this is old hat for probably all of you reading this, but it is a struggle for me and I'm proud of myself! And I'm not ashamed to admit it! :)

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Rebecca Busath said...

Well, I'm VERY proud of you too!!! I know where you get it from and I realize that it takes time to change bad habits, but I also realize the "rush" that comes when you do things right away (like loading dishes) and what a freedom it give you when you stay on top of things. Good for you, keep it up! You'll have more energy cuz you won't be bogged down with all the "stuff" you didn't do yet, it will be done! :)