Happy Birthday W!!

Exactly one year ago today, at 2:23 pm, we brought our sweet little W into our family. It was such a great experience -- going through the whole process of labor again and the anticipation of it all, followed by that instant love that just knocks you off your feet. He was so cute, with that thick mop of dark hair and long, long fingers. I was so lucky to have a smooth birth, for which I'm very grateful.

First meeting

Hiya Mama!


West has brought a lovely spirit to our home, and has joined the family effortlessly. E loves being a big brother -- helping to get diapers when I need them or making W laugh when he's fallen down. And although we're now working on the whole 'sharing' thing, he mostly loves playing with his little buddy.

Now that W is 1, he's walking like a pro, saying "Mama" and "Baba" (which means his bottle), and he loves to do anything E does. He loves being chased around the house and climbs up on top of anything he can.

cute west

He has such a sweet disposition (unless he's teething, which he currently is), and is just generally a happy boy. We're so glad to have him in our family!

Happy 1st Birthday, W!!


shayne said...

no way he is already one 1!!!!!!!!!

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

It's amazing how much they grow in one year! Can't wait to see him!

Allison said...

Oh happy birthday West! Hard to believe, we met you when he was just a few months old. What a cutie!

Caroline said...

Oh, one year already! Happy Birthday West!!

Erin said...

I love that last pic! Such a sweet baby!