Calling All Fundraising Supporters!

Our elementary school is having their yearly fundraiser and E is excited to be participating!
While we're not keen on bugging our neighbors too badly, I have no problem bugging family and friends! :) And the cool part is that you can peruse the catalog and purchase items online, so you don't even have to be local! That means, Nana and Grandpa, that you can help us raise money for our school too, if you're so inclined. The best part? The items will be shipped directly to you so you won't have to wait for us to get it and send it your way.
And hey, if you're in need of some wrapping paper, isn't it better buying it knowing you're helping school kids? Think of the children! ::wink::
If you haven't stopped reading yet, haha, then here's the site where you can buy 'til your heart's content:
Then just click on Shop Now & Support, and shop away!
Make sure that when you are checking out, you enter E's student code: 941937
That's very important, as we won't get credit for it otherwise.
Thank you! 

PS: The deadline is this Friday, November 4th, so get those orders in fast!

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