Grandpa Visit!

So I realize that the past couple of blog posts have all been about me mercilessly begging for things, so I figured I’d change things up and post about things going on in my life that I am blessed with!

First off, the kids and I were so lucky to get to see my Dad last week. He comes out to California every once in a while to drop the hammer on some of his company’s manufacturing plants. At least, that’s what he was doing this time. ;) So we headed out to meet him for dinner. The kids chowed down on huge kids’ meals (note to self: get one for them to share next time we go to this place) and I got to catch up with Dad. It’s always so, so nice to get to see any of my family. I really miss them all, sprawled across the country as we are. There’s just something so sweet and nostalgic about hanging out with my family. I’m glad my dad has work that brings him out here occasionally.

So anyways, here are the pics. Of course, I only got a couple, and forgot to take any of the rockin’ kite my dad brought us all the way from Germany. E kept saying, “Grandpa, I speak Germany.” And then he’d try to sound out the words on the package, stop half-way through, and say, “I guess I don’t speak Germany.” Then my dad took a crack at it and sounded way better. Of course, E had to reply with, “I knew you spoke Germany, Grandpa!” Too cute.


(SOOC – I’m really lazy tonight)

Thanks for a great, if short, visit Dad! We love you! (And you’d better figure out a way to smuggle Mom in your suitcase next time…)

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