MoT - 26

26. I’m grateful for fun travel days! Today was such a fun day, even though it turned out a lot longer than originally planned! We left Cambria and started heading back down towards home. First, though, we stopped in Solvang and had some lunch, complete with Ableskivers! If you haven’t had these before and get the chance, eat some! They’re delicious.

We also got the boys a couple of toys from this cute little toy store that I love, it’s all great, solid stuff. E got a stomp-powered rocket that we’ll try out soon. He’s so excited to see it work. We’ll see how it goes, we’ve already had to make him promise that he won’t try it in the backyard because it will go into the neighbors’ yard.

W got a cute little bathtub guy, a scuba man that swims around. He loves it.

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