Challenge #1 - 15 things about me

1. I like to listen to the Stuff You Should Know podcasts with my hubby while driving together. They're funny guys and I enjoy learning about stuff. I can't retain the information for my life, but I do like to learn about it.

2. I love Legos more than I can say. Specifically Harry Potter ones. I used to play with them when I was younger. My mom and dad bought me the "girly" set with the pink and yellow box that had flowers and such in the set. I didn't care, I just loved building with them. Luckily for me, I married a man who loves them just as much as I do.

Don't believe me?

On our second day of marriage, we hung out in our hotel room building the Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts castle (and doing other things...) and we had the best time! We still have all of our Harry Potter sets and now our kids love putting them together too.

3. I use smiley face emoticons waaaaaay too much when I type. I just feel like regular words can't describe my feelings the way a smiley face can. Am I right? :)

4. I also like to listen to Dr. Laura and have even called her on the air before. She gives great advice and although I don't think she's right 100% of the time, I like to listen to how she responds to people. (And to protect the innocent, I will not reveal my issue, or her advice for me, sorry!) I'm sad that she's on Sirius now which means I can't listen anymore, but I still have some downloaded past episodes, just in case.

5. I can play Bejeweled Blitz better than anyone I know. Now, granted, that's a small circle of people, but I like to think I'm the best at ONE thing. With that, I'm happy.

6. I used to have a huge crush on Lance Bass from 'NSync. Then I found out he was gay. :( There goes my shot.

7. I love to create art in the form of digital scrapbooking pages. There's nothing more fun than creating beautiful pages that also tell our life stories in them. And I love feeling like I'm an artist because I always wanted to be one, but I can't really draw or paint or sculpt. So this is my art and this is what makes me an artist.

8. I secretly love watching Hoarders because it makes me feel better about myself.

9. I am legally blind in my right eye due to a freak accident with an exploding glass soda bottle when I was 11.

10. I still cry when I watch Dumbo and he visits his mom in the jail car. Still. Tearing up right now thinking about it.

11. I have read or listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows about 9 times now, and I could still pick up a book or listen to Jim Dale on audiobook over and over and over again. LOVE.

12. My calling (RS 2nd counselor) in church (or, my volunteer position, for those of you who don't speak Mormon) is really kicking my butt lately. I'm not very good at delegating and I have more workload than I ever anticipated and it's making me stressed out and tired. But I'm working on it.

13. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. Seriously, if it lasted 6 months, I'd be perfectly fine with that. It's not that we give and receive presents or that I get to decorate with lots of fun stuff, it's just the feeling of the season that comes with the holiday. It's how all the commercials are about snowy wonderlands and family togetherness and magic. It's how my kids are SO excited that Santa's coming with his reindeer and "Will they really come on our ROOF, mom?" comes from my little kiddo. I just love the idea of magic and Christmas brings that to the forefront.

14. I love taking photos of lots of different things. I love the connections you can sometimes see in a picture. I have a lot to still learn, but I'm happy with where I am in regards to my photography and I love learning new things about it every time I do it.

15. I'm in love with the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack. So much so, that I've given it to multiple family members now just because they had to listen to it! And love it as much as I do! Not really, but I'd be shocked if you can listen to Romantic Flight and not just feel uplifted. I'm a sucker for a good instrumental arrangement. It's got just the right mix of Celtic influences with great brass and beautiful strings. And if you've seen the movie, then you'll love it even more.

That's it for this challenge. See you tomorrow! :)


Shari said...

Everything I just read ... it's a scrapbook page in the making! Do it! Scrap it! Those answers could be different in a year so it'll be great to look back on! Come on, you know you want to! ;-)

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

Your such an awesome person! I feel lucky to have you for a friend!