Happy Birthday Angela!

This little gal just found out that she's headed for the Y! I'm so excited for her and I can't wait for her to start this new journey in her life. I remember those days well and I can't believe I'm old enough for my little sister to be there already! I swear, when I was her age and younger, the time just seemed to crawl by because I was waiting for so much to happen "when I was older". Now that I'm married and have kids of my own, the years literally feel like they're flying! I mean, I just went off to college myself with everything I owned in the back of my dad's Avalon feeling scared and excited and did I mention terrified of being on my own.

But I know she'll do wonderfully. My college years were the best of my life and I'm sure she will feel the same way.

Anyways, Happy Birthday leetle seester! You're the most genuine, caring person and I just love you to pieces! You'd better take some long weekends off to come and visit us in California -- it's only 10 hours! (Or 9 if you don't have kids, drive really fast, and don't stop for anything but gas.)

Love you Beanie! Hope your day is fun and extra-special!

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Rebecca Busath said...

That was really sweet, and I had no idea you were so scared to be on your own. You did so well! And you're a great mama! :)