Challenge #4 - 20 of my favorite things

1. Handmade stuff from Etsy
2. Scrap Girls digital scrapbooking supplies
3. Conan O'Brien (although since we don't have TV anymore, I don't get to watch him. :( But I do catch his opening monologues sometimes when I find them!)
4. Pride & Prejudice (both version 1 with my crush and version 2)

5. Dana's blog MADE. I love using her tutorials and seeing her photography inspiration. She's great!
6. Moleskine notebooks
7. Australia
8. This amazing piece of advertising


10. The Twilight series  (I know, I know)
11. Getting all dolled up for no reason except to just look good
12. When my Droid phone automatically corrects my spelling and it's just WAY off
13. Sitting in Barnes & Noble, sans kids, and looking through photography books
14. Taking a good, hot bubble bath
15. Blogging
16. Reading other peoples' blogs
17. Antique books with illustrations
18. Horseback riding
19. Simple, silver jewelry
20. The smell of Pineapple Orchid

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