Lemme tell you a secret...

...and it will probably come as a big surprise.

I love Texas.

I know, it's a shocker. Try to focus. :)

My little family went to visit my big family in Ohio this past Christmas, and while we were there, we put together our keepsake "Texas" puzzle with Aunt Ali, me and the hubby. It was a lot of fun and brought back memories from when we bought it in Fredricksburg on our last visit home before my parents moved a couple of years ago.

Sad, sad memories.

Anyways, when we got home after the holidays, I went looking for my own puzzle to put together. I decided I wanted to hang it up somewhere to stare at when I'm sad and lonely, ha. So I went to town while Nathan was out of ours, and put it together with help from the boys.

Okay, not that much help from them, but they were very excited about it getting finished and glued together!

Now I just need to figure out where I want to hang it and find a suitable frame. Or maybe make one. Perhaps a trip to Home Depot is in order...

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Allison said...

That is a really cute puzzle!

I had a roommate from Texas at BYU. She is now one of my best friends, but all of her Texas gear used to drive me crazy. She had a 6 foot Texas flag on our wall, Texas bedsheets, Texas everything. The pride went a little overboard. :)