Happy President's Day

Today's a holiday -- for most. Mr. Hubby is not allowed to participate in the day-off festivities. :( But it's probably a good thing because he's got lots of work to do! 

This weekend was super fun! On Friday night, the hubby and I went out to dinner with some co-workers of his, and get this -- it was sans kids! So I actually got to sit and listen to some adult conversation, uninterrupted! It was great. My dinner was just okay, but the chocolate lava cake made up for it. :)

Then Saturday the hubs went to pick up the boys from his parents' house, which left me to get my hair cut in peace and quiet! I felt bad because the girl was trying to talk to me the whole time, but I just wanted to sit still and have someone work on me and not ask me for anything for a while. So I kind of made the one-word answers to her questions and eventually she stopped asking, lol. 

Once my hair was done (and cut too short, but whatev, it will grow back) I got to have lunch on my own. And I actually ate it while it was hot because I didn't have to be getting everyone else's lunch and forks and napkins and drinks and second helpings before I sat down to eat mine. It was nice. :)

That night we hung out at home because I suspect E had (has) an ear infection. Boo. He tends to get them a lot, so we know how to handle them, I just am sad when he is sick and sad. But that did equal lots of snuggle and movie time, which I love.

Sunday was just a laid-back, lazy kind of day. With said child still sick, he and I stayed home from church while the hubby took little W with him. For dinner we made some yummy Italian chicken tenders with spaghetti that I'll share the recipe for soon. Yum-o!

So that was my weekend. What did yours look like?

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